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Active Compliance Force Device

The PushCorp FCUFLEX compliance controller combined with PushCorp's Next Generation Active Compliance Force Devices creates an integrated force control system unsurpassed by anything else available today. The FCUFLEX enables complete stand-alone operation and provides several advanced features unique to the Advanced Adjustable Force System. These functions include automatic motor/tool weighing, automatic motor weight compensation, and automatic compensation of acceleration induced forces. All of this combines to make it incredibly easy to integrate super-accurate force control capabilities into your processing environment.

The FCUFLEX has multiple standard control interfaces including USB Serial, 24 VDC digital, and Ethernet TCP, UDP, HTTP (JSON Protocol). Optional Fieldbus protocols are also available including DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, and Profinet. These interfaces allow plug-n-play configuration and operation by a remote PLC, robot controller, or personal computer.


  • Required for use with Next Generation Compliance Force Devices
  • Full closed-loop force control
  • Complete Emergency Stop Integration
  • Rugged, compact, easy-to-mount enclosure
  • Plugable I/O electrical connectors for rapid change out


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Electrical Supply:24 VDC +/-10%, 2 Amps Max
Digital Inputs:5 – 24 VDC,Non-polarized (Sinking or Sourcing)
Digital Outputs:5 – 24 VDC, Non-polarized (Sinking or Sourcing)
USB:B-Type Peripheral Connector
Ethernet:RJ-45 Receptical
Operating Environment:0° to 122° F (10° to 50° C) Ambient Temperature 5% to 95% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
Standard Control Interfaces:TCP, UDP, HTTP, JSON, and 24 VDC Digital
Optional Control Interfaces:DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, and Profinet
Enclosure Size:2.7" x 13.8" x 7.2" Deep
[70mm x 350mm x 182mm Deep]
Compatible Tools:AFD310
Specifications subject to change without notice.
U.S. Patent No. 5,448,146

The FCUFLEX is designed to operate a PushCorp Next Generation Compliant Force Device and interface with either a robot controller, remote host computer or PLC. The FCUFLEX can be configured and monitored, through a USB Serial or Ethernet connection . Once configured, the controller can be operated via standard control interfaces USB Serial, TCP, UDP, HTTP (JSON protocol), and 24 VDC Digital. The optional fieldbus control interfaces include DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT, CANopen, and Modbus.

A Microsoft Windows® compatible software program, AFD Dashboard, is supplied free, and can be downloaded from here. AFD Dashboard provides interactive control from any PC compatible computer. This software has an intuitive graphical interface to configure and control every function of the FCUFLEX controller.

These standard industrial interfaces allow the FCUFLEX to directly interface to most any PLC or robot controller. A common approach is to use AFD Dashboard to assist with initial configuration and then use the standard or optional interfaces for the control interface during processing.

This combination of the FCUFLEX, AFD Dashboard software, and the digital interface is an ideal solution for users who intend to implement a totally integrated system with limited process development needs.

The FCUFLEX is packaged in a rugged, compact enclosure so that the unit may be mounted almost anywhere. Removable front panel electrical connectors make servicing the unit a snap.

The PushCorp FCUFLEX is a cost-effective soluition providing the ultimate in flexiblity and ease-of-use. Combined with the Advance Compliance Devices, the FCUFLEX controller provides the ultimate state-of-the-art in force control.