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PushCorp, Inc. • P.O. Box 181915 • Dallas • Texas • 75218 • (972)840-0208 • FAX (972) 840-1046

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PushCorp is a world leader in Force Control Tooling, Compliant Force Devices, Servo Motors, Process Equipment, and Automation Equipment. PushCorp manufactures Robotic, End-of-Arm Equipment (End Effectors). Our equipment specializes in Surface Finishing Applications, such as; Grinding, Disk Grinding, Cup Wheel Grinding, Glass Edge Grinding, Sanding, Wet Sanding, Deburring, Deflashing, Plastic Deflashing, Polishing, Wheel Polishing, and Reaming. Our equipment also excels at Robotic Machining Operations, such as; Routing, Chamfering, Drilling, Tapping, and Weld Shaving (ie., Weld Bead Removal). PushCorp's Product line includes; Active Force Control Devices (AFD1000, and AFD1100), Active Force Compliance Wet Sanders (AFD1200), Passive Force Control Devices (AFD50, AFD70, and AFD80), Active Force Controllers (FCU1000), Backstands (SBS80), Servo Tool Changers (STC1503, STC0605, and STC0612), High Speed Servo Motors (SM3002, and SM1503), High Torque Servo Motors (SM0605, and SM0612), Weld Shavers (SWS100-1.2, and SWS100-3.7), and Dual Shaft Servo Stands (SS70, and SS80). PushCorp equipment meets or exceeds the performance of similar equipment from Speedeburr, FlexiBurr, UltiBurr, Columbo Motors, IBAG Motors, Precise Motors, Setco Motors, and Pope Motors. PushCorp works with most of the major robot manufacturers, including; ABB, Daihen, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Motoman, Nachi, Panasonic, and Staubli. We have an extensive list of integrators familar with PushCorp equipment, including; Acme Manufacturing, All Tech Engineering, Applied Controls Technology, Automated Cells and Equipment, BWM Industrial Automation, Flow Robotic Systems, Genesis Systems Group, J.H. Benedict, Kent Automation, Meritage Manufacturing, OptiDrive nv, United Robotic Integrations, and Willamete Valley Co. We have also worked with many major manufacturers, such as; 3M, ABC Group, Areway, Bristol Aerospace, Boeing Aircraft, Catepillar, Eaton Inoac, Ford Motor Company, Diamler-Chrysler, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Jaguar, John Deere, Kuntz Electroplating, Lockheed-Martin, Mack Truck, Rubbermaid, Subaru, and Volkswagen.